Drone Hunting

Drone Hunting
Hunting using Drones

How Drones are Used for Hunting



Hunting with Drones

Drones are unmanned mini aerial vehicles that have seen multiple uses for personal and commercial purposes. Taking photographs, providing aerial views, accessibility through high winds and fire, and so on are some of the uses of drone. Drones are used every day by contractors, photography enthusiasts, roofers, and gamers.

Drones are able to provide videos of the areas at high elevations. A mini-vehicle that can fly, a remote control, a camera attached to the drone, and a smart device such as phone or tablet are some of the drone accessories.

The affordability of the drones and the ease of use has made them a necessary accessory for every family outing. The real-time information is useful for regular use as well as during critical operations.

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Typical range of a drone is 500 yards and are supposed to fly in the users line-of-sight. Having a license and registering a drone are required by the aviation authority. A pilot license may be required if flying for work.

High-end drones with sophisticated cameras are also available for covering media events in dense populated areas. Modern applications of drones for hunting are on the rise and many hunters are considering using drones for hunting.


Hunting Deer with Drones

Hunting is a favorite outdoor sport and source of fresh meat for many hunters. Buck hunting, trophy hunting, and dove hunting are popular in the hunting clubs around the nation.

Controlling the population is one of the main goals of hunting. Increased revenue generation from the permits and hunt clubs is another other advantage. Hunters use sophisticated equipment such as thermal rifles, offline maps, Google Earth satellite view, Bing maps, drones, and so on to facilitate the hunting.


Drone hunting is beneficial in the Back 40 clubs and the monster buck clubs. Drones can be used to scout the area and get an idea of the bedding spots of the bucks. The rough and hidden trails can be monitored using Drone hunting.

The drones make a huge buzzing bee swarm noise that can scare away the game. The buzz noise can be used to drive the deer to an open spot or away from the water sources.

Trails and tree stands can be planned by taking the drone pictures and getting an idea of the hunt club. If you see a spot that you think is favorable, you can reserve that spot for setting up.

Finding a shot deer is also easy with the drones. Flying at a higher elevation, the drones can show the area. You can recover your deer before the bacteria spoils the meat. Moreover, scouting the restricted or private area for a shot deer is also possible with the drones.

Drone hunting is possible with the help of several permissions from the aviation authority, hunt clubs, and so on. It is suggested to check with the hunting club if they allow Drone hunting in their premises.


Drone Hunting Bucks
Drone Hunting UAV

Drone Hunters must get all related permits and licenses ahead of the rut. If you are planning to hunt with a fire arm attached to a drone, that may not be possible at all. You have to get the drone license, register the drone, and permissions from the hunt club. Some hunting clubs charge extra to allow drones.

Hunting permits or licenses or tags must be bought ahead of the time. The type of license varies from bucks to birds. Drone hunting may be banned in some states or counties and it is suggested to check the local rules.

Hunters must bear in mind that Drone hunting is subjected to local, state, and federal law enforcement. All laws must be followed and all activities can be tracked back. The pros and cons must be considered before embarking on the exciting adventure.

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Pros and Cons

Drone Hunting Tips
Drone Hunting Deer

Here are some advantages of Drone hunting.

  • Helps to scout the area
  • Easy to recover shot deer
  • Provides aerial view of the trail
  • Helps retrieve game from a private property
  • Helps to track the game
  • Keeps you ahead of the competition
  • Saves time for experienced hunters
  • Helps hunters with limited mobility

Here are some disadvantages of Drone hunting.

  • May result in unfair and unethical hunting
  • Disturbs the natural environment
  • Easily prone to damage or stuck in tree
  • Limited battery storage
  • Extra luggage during hunting
  • Very costly equipment
  • May hit other animals or birds